Rebecca’s Story:

On Sunday afternoons, my daughter and I have a ritual of lighting a candle, making a pot of tea and baking together. The presence of the candle light brings a softness and sweetness to our shared experience and enables us to commune with the moment. I light candles at the dinner table, in my bedroom and when I curl up to read a book. The glow helps me wind down, relax, and get into a meditative mood.

But all of this came to a halt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I took stock and eliminated all possible toxins from our home. Out went chemical cleaners, unhealthy foods, and it turns out that traditional candles are full of toxic chemicals, like petroleum, dyes, artificial fragrances and animal by-products which go right into the air you breathe. So out went my beloved candles and the beautiful glow that maked me so happy.

My daughter and I went back to baking together but I missed the special moment created by the candle light. I was not going to give this up. I needed to come up with a solution. Months of research and hard work led me to create Sanari Plant Based Candles. One of a kind, plant based, vegan coconut wax blend, infused with 100% organic essential oils like Persian lime, jasmine, patchouli, mint, cinnamon and vanilla. Knowing that burning candles from organic essential oils extracted from plants grown on this earth is healthy and wholesome, my Sunday afternoon baking is once again filled with pure, healing, beautiful light. And so is our home.

About Sanari
Sanari Candle is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, through the highest quality organic and green products in the industry. Each aspect of our candles are carefully chosen to create the ultimate sensory experience. With an extensive understanding of product development and taking inspiration from a deep background in healthy living, every Sanari Candle scent begins with Rebecca working with scientists in blending plant based essential oils; together creating the highest quality ingredients. After considerable sourcing, sustainability research and hands-on testing, Rebecca and her team are able to achieve the custom organic coconut wax blend and pure burning qualities. Sanari Candle takes pride in manufacturing in California, USA where, every candle is individually hand poured into a reusable wine glass to ensure the highest quality and care.

The name “Sanari” is a combination of the names of Rebecca’s two children. Aria means Air and Sanam means Love, creating love in the air you breathe.

Our Mission is to:
Create a healthy and wholesome life style
Provide an atmosphere that promotes inner balance, focus, and calm.
Provide an environment conducive to relaxation, well being and stress relief.
Use only sustainable organic ingredients
Eliminate waste and release of toxins in the air