Mrs. Lovegood was founded by Juliana Hurtado, a textile designer from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London. Mrs. Lovegood is the amalgamation of the sensitivity of its creator and the use of a perfect color technique.

After working for ten years as an independent designer and interior design consultant, Juliana identified the need of clients to have unique items that connect their homes to the very essence of designing and making, natural materials and 100% handmade items.

Juliana firmly believes in tradition; she connects with the beauty of a tiny imperfection and the unique touch of handmade crafts. Texture is her passion. With a gentle touch she can discover the soul of a material, the history of its threads and decipher its heritage.

Mrs. Lovegood brings back the techniques of our grandmothers and reignites them with contemporary design; this mixture of past and present results in a truly beautiful, lasting product.

The rhythmical clicking of the looms and the silent laughter mirth of the artisans who embroider and weave with their prodigious hands is the background music of Mrs. Lovegood’s atelier, a space dedicated to slower, more romantic times. Each object has imprinted a bit of the soul of each of the people that take part in the process, all the way from the inspiration to the packaging.