A group of Italians in London, love for design (and shopping) and a passion for Made in Italy, the mix that made LuxxDesign. We feature some of the best brands in the world of Italian design, global brands or niche ones, all sharing the talent and dedication that made Made in Italy synonymous with excellence in quality and style.

LuxxDesign is dedicated to design Made in Italy, one of the most recognizable brands in the world and universally renown for unrivaled creativity, outstanding craftsmanship and unique style. We carefully select our brands to make sure they represent the best Made in Italy has to offer, blending more established names with less known but nevertheless outstanding brands and designers.

We feature bespoke products and premium collections, at times exclusively, a further testimony of our commitment to source only the best and most exclusive designs. In pricing our products, we follow the recommended price set by each of our brands. We have high regard towards each brand we carry and in recognition of the high quality of their products. Instead of discounts, we decided to reward our customers in different ways, from little presents to special offers for our best clients.