Britten Leigh Wolfe has always believed that home entertaining should seem effortless and laid back, yet, at the same time should somehow appear elegant and sophisticated.

Britten has deftly combined these two diverse approaches in creating the tabletop collections being offered by her new company Britten Couture Home, collections that are very much of the moment but also timeless.

Her recently introduced dinnerware and table linen collections are to be followed with designs for what Britten calls “everything that you would need to throw a wonderful dinner party.” She sees Britten Couture Home as a completed home entertainment company.

Growing up in suburban Mendham, New Jersey, located 40 miles west of midtown Manhattan, Britten’s interest in design and home entertaining were nurtured from an early age. Distinguished by its rich, historic charm, Mendham is known for horseback riding and as a suburban retreat for the New York City establishment.

Coming from a family of artists and sculptors, Britten was first taught by her mother. And then at age 5 her father began taking her for lessons at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. By the time she was in her twenties, Britten had traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe, expanding her artistic horizons along the way.

At Colorado College, Britten excelled at printmaking and painting and first exhibited her work in gallery shows. But all was not about the arts when she was in Colorado. Branching out, Britten worked as a booking agent and club promoter for bands, became a skilled snowboard instructor, and later turned her focus to film and television production in California.

Britten’s artistic passion never left her and she returned to New York after receiving her Master’s Degree from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.
She then studied tableware design under the tutelage of Marc Blackwell and wrote a blog that focused on charity benefits, socialites, fashion and red carpet events.

Then, Britten launched Britten Couture Home in early 2014 with ambitious, well-received collections of dinnerware and table linens that have been described as; Preppy Punk, Not Your Grandmother’s China, and Nouveaux Classiques.