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Maxwell Scott Bags

Maxwell Scott Bags is an English luxury brand that fuses contemporary design with traditional Italian leather craftsmanship. Our brand stands for individuality, quality and timeless style. All MSB leather bags and accessories are made from the finest vegetable tanned leather and are handcrafted with experience and skill.

Our Vision

In 2013, we began a process of re-imagining Maxwell Scott Bags with a single thought in mind – to become the most loved British bag brand in the world. With an ever-growing business and an expanding base of loyal customers across the globe, we believed in this vision one hundred percent.

Our newfound ambition drove us to create a fresh brand identity. One that epitomised fine craftsmanship, detailed design and traditional style.

Now, with an ever-expanding team at our Head Office in North Yorkshire, our vision, creativity, and values are as strong as ever. We believe that Maxwell Scott Bags has no limits.

The MSB Brand
Fusing Great British design and fine Italian craftsmanship, the Maxwell Scott Bags brand derives from William’s entrepreneurial lunch breaks selling briefcases to businessmen in London. Since then, we have grown into a luxury brand encapsulating ambition, fine quality and opulence.

Our Promise
We believe that every customer deserves a world-class experience when they choose us.

Additional Information

Sourced exclusively from one of the most renowned tanneries in Italy, our premium full-grain leather is vegetable tanned, making it environmentally friendly as well as ensuring that it ages beautifully over the years.


A group of Italians in London, love for design (and shopping) and a passion for Made in Italy, the mix that made LuxxDesign. We feature some of the best brands in the world of Italian design, global brands or niche ones, all sharing the talent and dedication that made Made in Italy synonymous with excellence in quality and style.

LuxxDesign is dedicated to design Made in Italy, one of the most recognizable brands in the world and universally renown for unrivaled creativity, outstanding craftsmanship and unique style. We carefully select our brands to make sure they represent the best Made in Italy has to offer, blending more established names with less known but nevertheless outstanding brands and designers.

We feature bespoke products and premium collections, at times exclusively, a further testimony of our commitment to source only the best and most exclusive designs. In pricing our products, we follow the recommended price set by each of our brands.  We have high regard towards each brand we carry and in recognition of the high quality of their products. Instead of discounts, we decided to reward our customers in different ways, from little presents to special offers for our best clients.



At Aquabora we have been searching for the ideal towel without sacrificing quality, elegance and functionality. After trying different combinations of cotton, bamboo, tencel and experimenting with weight and weaving we have decided to go back to basics and try a different approach. On one side we had the light weight, durable and resilient Peshtemal woven for centuries perfected by master weavers which was used in traditional Turkish baths and on the other a soft, super absorbent, luxuries and contemporary Turkish terry towel. That is when we realized we could combine these two into one super towel and thus our towels were born.

Our towels are the unique combination of a traditional Turkish bath towel, Peshtemal, and a terry towel. They are woven in a way to produce a flat smooth cotton on one side and looped cotton terry on the other.

They are super soft, light, compact and versatile. These highly absorbent and quick drying towels are made in Turkey and %100 cotton.

Dori Csengeri


Dori Csengeri Logo

Dori’s sense of color as well as the long tradition of hand embroidery and textile design are at the core of her creations. She is an Israeli designer known throughout the world who takes inspiration from costume history and from contemporary art & fashion. Dori works alongside artisans who specialize in the ancient soutache technique.  Her personal spin on the soutache technique involves hand-embroidering textile cords while incorporating materials such as gem stones, shells, vintage buttons and Swarovski crystals into the design.

Dori Csengeri’s universe is inspired by fashion and art. Dori’s unique jewelry is impeccably hand embroidered at her atelier, by talented artisans. Dori’s intriguing designs are born from her love of colour and the long tradition of soutache art and textile design.

“While designing, I visualize the woman who will wear my work. She has a defined taste and personality. I try to create for her something different, fresh and exciting, so she can play the game of fashion with me and participate in the creation of her own image.”

Dori Csengeri’s collections present scene stealing haute couture creations alongside a refined ready-to-wear selection. The collection offers timeless Bridal jewelry as well as a wide array of chic earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, rings and the “Dori for Men” capsule collection. Each jewelry piece is uniquely designed and states Dori’s passion for art & fashion. Silky textile cords frame handmade glass cabochons, natural gemstones and Swarovski crystals, and are leather-backed for comfort.

Dori Csengeri regularly collaborates with Swarovski by designing for Swarovski’s Jewelry World Facets 2014 Collection, Swarovski’s Crystallized™ trend inspirations or, the Atelier Swarovski collection.

Dori is a textile designer by profession. She is a graduate of the “Shenkar” College of Fashion in Tel-Aviv. Dori specialized in fabric design at Tootal Fabrics in Manchester and at Cyril Kowalewsky’s studio in Paris. Then, she practiced for many years as a freelance textile designer, in Israel and abroad. Dori studied History of Art at Zurich University and painting at the Academie de Port-Royal in Paris.

Dori Csengeri is An award winning, internationally acclaimed artist, with offices in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, New York and Tokyo, Dori Csengeri’s handmade jewelry collections are presented worldwide in prestigious jewelry stores, museums and galleries and are regularly cited in leading bridal, fashion and life style magazines.



Sivaana Logo


Sivaana is a furnishing brand that offers an exclusive range of hand crafted luxury linen to people with a taste for the exquisite. Its specialty is its ethereal range of decorative pillows and cushions, which represent a fusion of unique textiles, traditional craft, and innovations in design. Its trademark is its combination of the finest hand-woven fabrics, crystals, stone elements and unusual metallic pairings.

Britten Couture Home

Britten Couture Home logo


Britten Leigh Wolfe has always believed that home entertaining should seem effortless and laid back, yet at the same time should somehow appear elegant and sophisticated.

Britten has deftly combined these two diverse approaches in creating the tabletop collections being offered by her new company Britten Couture Home, collections that are very much of the moment and also timeless.

Her recently introduced dinnerware and table linen collections are to be followed with designs for what Britten calls “everything that you would need to throw a wonderful dinner party.”  She sees Britten Couture Home as a complete home entertainment company.

Growing up in suburban Mendham, New Jersey, located 40 miles west of midtown Manhattan, Britten’s interest in design and home entertaining were nurtured from an early age. Distinguished for its rich, historic charm, Mendham is known for horseback riding and as a suburban retreat for the New York City establishment.

Coming from a family of artists and sculptors, Britten was first taught by her mother. And then at age 5 her father began taking her for lessons at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. By the time she was in her twenties, Britten had traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe, expanding her artistic horizons along the way.

Britten’s artistic passion never left her and she returned to New York after receiving her Master’s Degree from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She then studied tableware design under the tutelage of Marc Blackwell.

Britten launched Britten Couture Home in early 2014 with ambitious, well-received collections of dinnerware and table linens that have been described as; Preppy Punk, Not Your Grandmother’s China, and Nouveaux Classiques. Her linens are can be found internationally and are available at Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s and Gracious Home in New York City.




logos-10-bMrs. Lovegood was founded  by Juliana Hurtado, a textile designer from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London.  Mrs. Lovegood is the amalgamation of the sensitivity of its creator and the use of a perfect color technique.

After working for ten years as an independent designer and interior design consultant, Juliana identified the need of clients to have unique items that connect their homes to the very essence of designing and making, natural materials and 100% handmade items.

Juliana firmly believes in tradition; she connects with the beauty of a tiny imperfection and the unique touch of handmade crafts.  Texture is her passion.  With a gentle touch she can discover the soul of a material, the history of its threads and decipher its heritage.

Mrs. Lovegood brings back the techniques of our grandmothers and reignites them with contemporary design; this mixture of past and present results in a truly beautiful, lasting product.

The rhythmical clicking of the looms and the silent laughter mirth of the artisans who embroider and weave with their prodigious hands is the background music of Mrs. Lovegood’s atelier, a space dedicated to slower, more romantic times.  Each object has imprinted a bit of the soul of each of the people that take part in the process, all the way from the inspiration to the packaging.

Lazyjack Press

LJP New Logo

Lazyjack Press was founded in 2012. The brand soon after launched its first collection in Barneys based on the idea of a luxurious, irreverent take on the traditional European motif tie. Hermès and Ferragamo are great, but Lazyjack Press thought a livelier approach would catch on. They were right. 

The Lazyjack Press customer values old-school European luxury combined with American cheek — thi­s was apparent from their first Italian-made tie, where a red party cup motif appeared on the same 21 momme silk twill that Hermès uses. Since its inception, Lazyjack Press has grown into a diverse range: bow ties, hand-rolled pocket squares, unbelievably soft Italian wool scarves, classic baseball caps made right here in the U.S.A, and fun Croakies, totes, belts, dog collars, flip flops, fleece vests, and socks. 

So whether you’re addressing the board, hanging at happy hour, carousing on campus or even tailgating before the big game, you can count on Lazyjack Press to be the finishing touch to your perfect look. 

Snake Bones


Snake Bones’ edgy signature style, impeccable craftsmanship, and inventive designs are valued by the customers from around the world. Snake Bones brand is a creation of the Russian-born artist Anatoly Startsev and his sons.

Throughout Anatoly’s fifty-year career, he has been recognized with numerous awards, memberships in professional organizations and has participated in prestigious exhibitions. Anatoly’s ingenuity as a jewelry designer reflects his multifaceted artistic experience working in a variety of mediums – painting, mosaic, metal work, stained glass.

After moving to the United States in the early nineties, Anatoly worked with many high-end jewelry brands and designers on developing original jewelry lines. At the same time, he developed his own client base for one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces.

Many unique designs developed over the years are now available through Snake Bones as limited edition pieces along with a new jewelry line of original designs.

Our work strives for authenticity, supreme technical execution, thoughtful attention to detail, and even humor. Snake Bones’ designs reference creations of nature as well as popular culture, vintage, and found objects. Inspiration can come from an antique coin found at a flea market or a fossil discovered during travels.

We believe that being adorned with artworks, a person forms a special relationship with the artist and the jewelry piece becomes a talisman endowed with special powers. Snake Bones’ designs are crafted out of solid precious metals, gems, leather, fossils and other natural objects. All of our unique creations are crafted in our New York City studio. These objects are destined to be treasured for many years to come.